You Have to Make Fitness a Habit 

Practicing fitness is a habit that can be challenging to maintain, especially when you’re busy with a lot of work to do. 

However, if you want to improve your overhaul productivity, implementing a fitness routine into your weekly schedule is fundamentally important. It’s not only crucial for your mental well being, yet you will feel physically fitter as well. You’ll also be more inspired and creative and have an easier time maintaining focus on the tasks at hand.

Here are some tips for making fitness a priority even when your schedule is fully booked:

  1. Get some sleep! Sleep deprivation makes you sluggish and tired, which makes it harder to get up and go when your alarm goes off in the morning. 
  2. Do a relaxing activity before bedtime every night, read a book, listen to meditative music or revise the notes of the new language that you’ve been learning. 
  3. Write down on your schedule what type of workout it will be, where you will do it and when you will work out on the following day. 
  4. If you tend to procrastinate then, pack your training bag the night before. 
  5. Download the Secret Fitness Manual Level I so you can follow a professional fitness training workout. 

I know you can do it. Keep it up and in no time, fitness will be 100% part of your daily routine. 

MJ @ Secret Personal Trainer