Crap Fitness Content

Pay attention to this fitness information.

The internet is amazing but you have to be careful with its content.

I dedicated this morning to creating content on the Google search and within less than 5 minutes I found a lot of crap fitness content.

You are not a fitness expert to spot wrong techniques, repetitive information, or fake miraculous fitness routines. 

Here are some fitness tips on how to stay safe and injury free:

  1. Always warm-up and always practice a cool down as well.
  2. Pay attention to your mental and physical body.
  3. If injured, find medical advice and don’t practice any form of exercise with heavy weights.
  4. Try different types of training and stick with what works for you.
  5. Practice each transition phase of the exercise with proper form and technique.
  6. Check your training gear for example maybe your shoes are not the correct type of running shoes.
  7. Take it easy on warm days and stay hydrated even when not exercising.
  8. Beware that the internet is full of unqualified and wrong fitness advice. 

Listen up, I’m MJ and here to help you with fitness tips. Be good!